Dark Adrenaline

“Dark Adrenaline” the new album from Lacuna Coil is coming.
Release for Europe on january 23th.
i will write a full review on the New Album next week

Tracklist :

01. Trip The Darkness
02. Against You
03. Kill the Light
04. Give Me Something More
05. Upsidedown
06. End of Time
07. I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow
08. Intoxicated
09. The Army Inside
10. Losing My Religion
11. Fire
12. My Spirit


Lacuna Coil launches 6 teaser video’s for the new album…. Enjoy this teasers

Chapter I : The Injected

Chapter II :  While You Sleep

Chapter III : Carnage Euhporia

Chapter IV  : The Human Box

Chapter V: All You Can Eat

the sixt and last teaser trailer will release soon!

more info on Lacuna Coil

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